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OKHR Connect 2022:
Enjoyed exercising my creativity with the model questions ALSO several practical suggestions for team building in a virtual setting - Thank You!

Kelly has a keen understanding of our products and how they contribute to achieving academic outcomes.

Kelly also has a wealth of experience that helps her ideate creative solutions to customer needs.

Helped create a successful implementation plan that is receiving successful feedback.

Kelly is knowledgeable, not only regarding products and services, but the importance of transformation and impact for both teachers and students.

Deep product knowledge and understanding of customer needs.

Great flexibility and ability to make adjustments and changes to get things right.

Tremendous enthusiasm and a true pleasure to work with.

I am always proud to have her on my calls as she exudes professionalism and passion for our company. She takes on challenges head-on and is a hard worker.

Always extremely well prepared and knowledgeable about both the product and customer needs. She always goes above and beyond!

Supported our  Summer Program and Implementation Plan with insane (fast) turn around time.

I trust your opinion and know if you give me feedback on others, it is given kindly and with genuine heart for what is best for them and the business overall.

When solving problems, I know I can come to you to think about things differently.

Kelly has been generous with her time. She seems to be ready and willing to help. She's extremely knowledgeable. She shows that she is passionate by the amount of care she puts into her work and her willingness to go above and beyond.

Kelly understands the market, customer needs and is always willing to roll up sleeves and support me.

I love working with you!

Very thankful to working with Kelly!

It's a pleasure working with Kelly. Customers acknowledge her vast experience and appreciate the best practices and insights she offers.

You've been a HUGE help, Kelly! Thank you!!

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