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"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."
Albert Einstein


Kelly Reddin is an accomplished Consultant focused on increasing the success of all people - in business and in education. She has a proven track record creating unique solutions for small schools to large corporations.


Known for excellent communication skills, education, and outstanding business acumen, she provides high-quality professional development and consulting.


Ultimately, she is passionate about developing creativity in adults and children to improve their skills and in growing teachers to enable student success and consistently exceeds customer expectations in delivering training programs.

Kelly has studied Accountancy, Management and Economics in the United States, obtaining an M.B.A. as well as studied International Economics of the Pacific Rim in Japan.

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In addition, she has a degree in Elementary Education with additional coursework across a variety of subjects. 

Combining her knowledge of education with business, she effectively communicates methods for improving creativity, communication, and building teams.

"Creativity is more than being different... Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."
Charles Mingus
Educational Consulting Experience

My areas of expertise include Curriculum Design; Staff Development; Instructional Technology; Educational Leadership; E-Learning; Teaching; Public Speaking; and Coaching.


I was a Global Master Trainer and Solutions Engineer with LEGO Education for over twenty-one years. I have planned, authored curriculum, created the materials and teacher’s guides, developed video scripts, and facilitated hundreds of presale workshops to promote professional development for LEGO Education products in the United States. I also authored a STEM summer school curriculum and a computer science curriculum that is currently used in multiple districts.


Earlier in my career, I was blessed by gaining extensive experience in education as a college instructor and classroom teacher. It was during this time that I developed my passion for working with teachers and students, especially those who were at-risk.

Having taught in the federal penitentiary, I saw first hand what happens when people fail in education, drop out, and continue to make bad decisions. I want all children to succeed.

Business Consulting Experience

With a degree in Accountancy and a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Economics, I am able to bridge the gap between education and business. That means I can use my knowledge of how adults learn and apply it to business.


In my career, I have been blessed by working in several great organizations and also by teaching adults college business courses. It was during this time that I learned how adult learners differ from children in many ways. But that we learn best when we have engaging experiences with others that apply the skills we most need.

When people think of certification processes and other annual requirements, often they think of sit and get. If there is no interaction within 10 minutes, most of us tune out partially or totally. I can take required and make it useful and appealing.

Creating unique professional experiences for companies such as Alcon and General Electric helped me learn the value of creativity, team building, and effective communication in the workplace. I would be glad to work for you and positively impact your company! 

Make an Impact!

I create totally unique experiences to help your organization with team building, documenting processes, communication, and, of course, creativity!

Give me a call and we can discuss what makes the most impact for you. 

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