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Think Christmas!
Plan your Christmas event with Nana Claus!
Text 803-603-8768 or use the Contact Form to schedule Nana Claus.
righten the faces of young children to those young at heart!
Need Nana for Christmas commercials - just use the contact form or text her.

Now available...
Handwritten letters from Nana Claus    $50
Each letter is unique and can be crafted for an adult or a child.

"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!"
Albert Einstein
On average, 98% of 3-year-olds have a
genius level of creative thinking.
Less than 2% of us retain
genius level creative skills
by the time we are 25.
Everyone Is Creative


Unleash your creativity, your ideas, your vision!  

Creativity is Energizing - Get your employees, faculty, or students engaged and productive. Enjoy an afternoon meeting or course and leave refreshed.


I can help you make a standard "sit and get" into an interactive, fully engaged session.

Do you need help with creating a STEM lab or with creating a better process to get a new product to market?


Would you like to provide a fun learning experience to help kick off the new year or energize people anytime?


If you answered yes to any of these, I can help you have a fantastic experience with lasting benefits!

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