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"Creativity is a collaboration of a mind connected to other minds."
Austin Klean
Young Businesswomen
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Business Services

With a background in accountancy, management and economics, I can provide your company with a way to increase your creativity, communication, and build strong teams.

Are you getting ready to start a new project that requires several areas of operation to coordinate and cooperate? Let me help you smooth the process by opening areas of communication

Do you have documentation for processes so that when someone is out, the office runs smoothly? If not, let me help you get those procedures documented.

Would you like to provide your team with a little competition that requires teamwork, a bit of ingenuity, and a lot of cooperation and communication? Ask me about a manufacturing event that offers financial, manufacturing, and management decision making based on customer preference.

Do you need to energize your organization and have them walk away invigorated and full of ideas? Let me help you plan a fabulous event.

Reward your employees with a play day or evening event that naturally builds camaraderie and has everyone relaxed and having fun! 

Do you want to try something different for a retreat or event that is hands-on, gets people talking and working with many people within the company? Let me provide a unique day or evening event that your employees with lasting effects.

"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm."
Earl Nightingale

Workshops are from one hour in length and can be an entire day activity to assist with recertification. I create unique events tailored to your needs.


General Topics


Team Building


New Process/Product Planning

Manufacturing System Competition

Process/Procedure Documentation

Holiday special:

Mrs. Claus visits your company or company event.

Little Girl with Christmas Present
Professional Speaking

All speaking engagements are hands-on, not just sit and listen.

Possible Topics:



Team Building

Fundraising Opportunities
Events & Fundraisers

Holiday Special

  • Mrs. Claus visits your company or company event  

  • Commercials with Mrs. Claus

  • Parades or Breakfast/Luncheons with Mrs. Claus

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